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„CityX“ is a global art project. One of its key focuses is using several drawing activities in different districts of a location in order to appropriate urban areas with the aim of developing a new image of the city composed of pictographic visualisations after a detailed analysis of all of the results of the drawing activities.



The Piktraits are the visualised result of a process, where the artist simulates the same data collection methods used in the Internet. In so-called „Piktraitsessions“, she prompts her counterpart for personal information, which she then summarizes in data sheets. . more


With Me, Rio, which Doris Graf launched in November 2012 as the official representative of Baden-Württemberg at the „Creativity World Forum“ in Rio de Janeiro, an entirely new impetus ha emerged in the artist’s work: The project participants themselves were given the task to invent symbols, that expresses their personal relationship to the city . more

Biennale Rio de Janeiro

Bienniale 2012 – Rio de Janeiro